May 1 2014 Chatham-Kent 911 / Police & Fire Dispatch

Dear Mr. Klees,

Thank you for so tenaciously fighting for a First Responders Day in Ontario.  And especially for including the “unseen” public safety workers such as Dispatchers and Emergency Managers in your Bill 15.  That means more than you know to those of us who answer 911 calls day & night, or wrestle with ever-increasing expectations and ever-decreasing budgets.  Ontario is a safe place to live and raise our families because of all the First Responders listed in your Bill.  It is rewarding to finally have a day to call our own.

To recognize the day locally here in Chatham-Kent, our CKPS Media Relations Officer Renee Cowell and I put this very short video together for public release this morning.  It’s only 35-seconds long and I hope you have a moment to watch it…


Brian K. French #6051

CommCentre Training Supervisor
Chatham-Kent 911 / Police & Fire Dispatch