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For Immediate Release

July 13, 2005



John Tory calls for a tri-partisan group to look into

Safe Schools Act


(Queen's Park) - Opposition Leader John Tory today called on Premier McGuinty to appoint a committee made up of one caucus member from each party to review the Safe Schools Act.

"This is an issue that reaches across party lines," said Tory. "The government must do more than just hold public hearings on the matter. There needs to be a tri-partisan working group looking into the fairness of this act."

Human Rights Commissioner Keith Norton released a report yesterday stating that there had been complaints that the Safe Schools Act unfairly targeted disabled students and students of racial minorities.

Tory hosted a summit in late June on Violence Affecting Youth where he repeated a commitment to look into the Safe Schools Act and its effectiveness in the current system. The Opposition Leader is calling for the creation of a working group to take a first look at the act, to meet with community leaders and education leaders and to try to suggest ways to deal with its shortcomings.

"The Safe Schools Act was an innovative act brought in by the previous government to ensure our children's safety in school," said Tory. "While the goal of the act remains a sound one, if the act is having an unfair impact on some students, particularly minority youth more so than others, then it must be reviewed and changes must be made ."

Opposition Education Critic Frank Klees added, "this is an issue we simply cannot afford to put off, Ontarians expect action not just words of concern. Dalton McGuinty needs to show some leadership and appoint a committee to review this act to ensure that any legislation affords all children equal protection."


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