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For Immediate Release                                                                               July 3, 2008


McGuinty Government Admits to Gambling Addiction

(Queen’s Park) Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees called the McGuinty government's plans to add sports betting to its casinos, "an admission that the government is addicted to gambling revenues.”

Klees, who has critic responsibilities for the OLG, calls the McGuinty government's request to the federal government to change the criminal code to allow this new form of betting in Ontario casinos, “an immoral indirect tax on those who can least afford it. “

"We fully recognize that our tourism industry is facing serious challenges, and that our border cities are experiencing economic pressures. That's why we proposed that the government take specific measures to stimulate the economy and tourism specifically, but the McGuinty government chose to ignore those recommendations," said Klees. "Instead, their answer is to skim millions more in gambling revenues from those who can least afford it.”

Klees points out that at a time when there are serious questions about alleged illegal activities at Ontario's casinos, the last thing the government should be considering is expanding their reach.

"Rather than turning a blind eye to reports of money laundering and questionable management practices, the government should focus on cleaning up the existing casino business before expanding their reach," said Klees.





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