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Press Releases 2007

KLEES: Victory Day Recalls Freedom's Sacrifice

(Queen's Park) Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees, the PC Education and Citizenship & Immigration Critic today made the following statement:

"May 9 th is honoured as 'Victory Day' in Russia and a number of other countries and jurisdictions, including the Channel Islands off the coast of Britain, marking the formal close of World War II in 1945, one day after the observance by the other Allied countries.

"On this day, Russian army veterans and many others gather at solemn commemorations in front of memorials to their fallen comrades and all the victims of the Second World War to recall the great sacrifice for freedom they made.

"Such events are held world-wide, from Moscow and St Petersburg to York Region in Ontario as many Russian army veterans and their families are today an integral part of our vibrant Russian Canadian Community.

"On behalf of Ontario PC Leader John Tory, I would like to extend my best wishes to our Russian army veterans and the entire Russian Canadian Community on this solemn day of remembrance of the great struggle of the people of Russia for freedom and independence."


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Frank Klees, MPP


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Petition to the Parliament of Ontario

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and mail to

Frank Klees, MPP

Rm 447 Legislative Bldg

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Toronto ON M7A 1A8

Whereas May 9 th is celebrated as the World War II "Day of Victory" by Russia ;

Whereas the armies of liberation of Russia fought as allies of Canada;

Whereas Russian army veterans and their families are members of the vibrant Russian Canadian Community of York Region and Ontario ;

Therefore, we, the undersigned, petition the Parliament of Ontario to pass a resolution to formally recognize May 9 th in each year as "Victory Day."