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May 31, 2007

For Immediate Release

KLEES to McGuinty Government:

Get Politics Out of Health Care

(Queen's Park) "Get politics out of health care." That was Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees' appeal to the government during debate today on a resolution in support of a new hospital proposed for the City of Vaughan .

Klees spoke in support of the private member's resolution proposed by Thornhill MPP Mario Rocco, but questioned the McGuinty government's commitment to the project and whether the recent announcement is more about politics than healthcare.

"I question why the government's formal announcement makes no mention of a 'new hospital'," said Klees. He points out that the official press release from the Ministry of He alth makes numerous references to "planning for new hospital services" but nowhere is there any mention of a "new hospital."

Klees suggests that for the resolution to have any meaning it should have called on the government to immediately commit to timelines for the project, without which he warned, "This may amount to nothing more than another one of this government's feel-good political exercises."

Klees commended the work of the community volunteer members associated with the Vaughan He alth Care Foundation who, in conjunction with the city of Vaughan , commissioned a report on the need for a Vaughan hospital.

"Out of respect for the many dedicated hours of service by the volunteers associated with the Vaughan Health Care Foundation, I sincerely hope that we will see this very general announcement to 'support planning for new hospital services' be transformed into a firm commitment to fund and to build a new hospital in Vaughan," said Klees.

Klees concluded his remarks during debate on the resolution by stating that "the best thing any government could do for this province is to take the 'politics out of healthcare."

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