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For Immediate Release

May 14, 2007


Oak Ridges MPP calls Minister's actions suspect,

must resign until cleared by Auditor


(Queen's Park) - Progressive Conservative Citizenship and Immigration Critic and MPP Frank Klees (Oak Ridges) today called for Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Mike Colle to step aside until the Auditor General completes his investigation into the McGuinty Liberals slush fund scandal.


"For three weeks Dalton McGuinty and his Minister stonewalled and refused to answer questions. For three weeks the Minister insisted that there was no need to call in the Auditor," said Klees. "Now that the Auditor is finally going investigate and the Minister's credibility has been called into question, it's time for the Minister to do the right thing and resign until the Auditor completes his investigation."


In the Legislature today, Klees called on Colle to follow precedent put in place by former Ministers in the Ontario Legislature who have found themselves under a cloud and have resigned their position until they have been cleared.


"For three weeks, the McGuinty Liberals refused all calls for basic accountability and transparency. It took 286 questions by the Opposition parties before Dalton McGuinty was forced to admit that an investigation is necessary to clear the air. It's time for his Minister to do the right thing and resign his position while the investigation is under way."


Klees continued, "While the Auditor investigates how the government made decisions to fund certain groups rather than others, this Minister will continue to attend announcements and make ongoing funding decisions. This can't be allowed to stand - out of respect for his office, the Minister has no choice but to step aside until the results of the investigation are made public."




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