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Klees to McGuinty:

You Can Run But You Can't Hide !

(Queen's Park) Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees called Dalton McGuinty's shutting down of the Legislature 3 weeks earlier than scheduled a "desperate attempt to protect a scandal-ridden minister."

Klees was scheduled to question McGuinty cabinet minister Mike Colle today on his role in the slush fund scandal that has been plaguing this government for weeks, but was denied that opportunity when Dalton McGuinty unexpectedly dissolved the Legislature.

Colle had agreed to appear before a legislative committee and would have had to answer some tough questions about why he handed out millions of dollars to groups with close ties to the Liberal Party of Ontario. One of those slush fund recipients was a Richmond Hill organization whose directors all had strong Liberal Party ties, including the Liberal Riding president and the Liberal Candidate for Richmond Hill .

"How convenient is this?" said Klees. "Not only does Dalton McGuinty kill important legislation by shutting the legislature down early, he conveniently protects his minister from having to face the scrutiny of the legislative committee for his scandalous abuse of taxpayers' dollars."

The Legislature was scheduled to sit until June 28th and both Opposition Parties were caught off-guard by today's announcement.

"The last Liberal Premier to demonstrate such arrogant disrespect for the legislative calendar was David Peterson," said Klees. "Even with the set election date, which was intended to take this kind of political manipulation out of play, Dalton McGuinty has managed to give Ontarians a final parting shot. I can only hope that, on October 10 th , voters will give McGuinty the same response they gave David Peterson."



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