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Press Releases 2007

Klees questions Liberal candidate's defence of $200,000 grant

Bad Judgement: Liberal Candidate's Response to Scandal

( Richmond Hill ) Oak Ridges MPP and Citizenship and Immigration Critic, Frank Klees called on Richmond Hill Liberal candidate Reza Moridi to side with taxpayers rather than defend the Liberal government's year-end spending scandal.

"The Auditor General has condemned it, the Premier admitted it was wrong and the minister responsible has resigned in disgrace. What is it that Mr. Moridi doesn't understand about this disrespect for taxpayers' dollars?" said Klees. "The residents of Richmond Hill should take note of Mr. Moridi's standards when it comes to stewardship and protecting the public interest."

Klees insists that, in light of the Auditor General's report that there was no due process for distributing $32 million to community groups and the fact that $300,000 of that amount ended up in a bank account of the Iranian-Canadian Community Centre, at the very least the organization should agree to freezing those funds and submit to a formal application process to legitimize the grant.

"For Mr. Moridi to respond by insisting that no one did anything wrong flies in the face of the Auditor General's own independent conclusions on the matter. Clearly, the minister did something wrong. That's why he was forced to resign after defending his actions for months," said Klees. "This is not about the conduct of the members of the Iranian-Canadian Community Centre, it is about the fact that this organization is in possession of funds that were transferred to them under circumstances that brought down a minister of the Crown."

Klees is calling on Mr. Moridi, who was on the board of directors of the organization that received the funds, to join him in securing a commitment that the funds will remain frozen until a formal process confirms the propriety of the grant. Klees has requested a meeting with the board of directors to discuss the issue.


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