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KLEES: MPP Racco's Misleading Letter Undermines Public Trust

(Queen's Park) Oak Ridges MPP, Frank Klees today demanded a public apology and retraction from Thornhill Liberal MPP Mario Racco for what he called a "deliberate attempt to mislead the public."

Klees issued the demand following the Thornhill MPP's letter to the editor that appeared in York Region Media Group publications on August 12 in which he made what Klees referred to as "blatantly untrue and intentionally misleading statements" about the previous PC government's investments in public transit.

In that letter, Racco stated that the previous PC government "cut funding for public transit to almost zero" and that 905 area residents were left "without public transit services."

"Mr. Racco knows full well that the statements he made in his letter were false, and I have asked him to issue a public apology," said Klees. "In his efforts to score points for himself and Dalton McGuinty, Mr. Racco has resorted to intentionally deceiving the public with false information."

"It is conduct such as this that continues to erode public confidence and trust in politicians of all political stripes," said Klees. "Mr. Racco has done great injustice to all elected officials."

This is the second time in a week that Mr. Racco's judgement has been called into question. The appointment of his wife's assistant to the position of Deputy Returning Officer in his own riding of Thornhill for the upcoming provincial election was overturned after a formal complaint was filed pointing out the evident conflict. Racco has continually denied that there was anything untoward about his support for that appointment, but failed to convince Elections Ontario.


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