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April 27, 200


A New Low for McGuinty Government


(Queen's Park) Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees called on Premier Dalton McGuinty today to publicly apologise to Ontarians for what he referred to as "an offensive attempt to grab the public's attention."


Klees was referring to the McGuinty government's new energy conservation public advertising campaign. The campaign's centre-piece is the "Flick Off" and "Go Flick Yourself" logo that is suggestive of the four-letter word Klees says should be confined to the gutter or, "At the very least, the McGuinty Cabinet office."


"This is a new low for Dalton McGuinty. His ministers are conducting themselves more like juvenile delinquents rather than responsible managers of the public's affairs," said Klees. "If his ministers aren't sensitive to the offensive nature of this outrageous logo, at least the Premier himself should have stopped this from ever seeing the light of day."


Klees said he wonders how this ad campaign got past the Minister of Education and the Minister of Children's Services when it was approved by the McGuinty cabinet.


"What message does this send to our children?" said Klees. "When our government resorts to the basest of means to make a point, who is left to set public standards of civility?"


A petition calling on the Premier to issue a public apology for the add campaign and to pull it from the public domain is available from Klees' constituency office or at his website at



For further information

Frank Klees, MPP


Environment Minister Laurel Broten stands in front of the Flick Off

campaign logo.

Download the petition and send a message to the Minister that this ad is offensive. Mail the original signed petition to your MPP

The petition reads

Whereas the McGuinty government's new energy conservation campaign logo "Flick Off" is offensive to public standards of decency by its suggestive nature;

Whereas this logo is vulgar, is an insult to all Ontarians, and sends the wrong message about community standards to the children and youth of our province, who are the targets of this ad campaign;

Whereas this logo and campaign only serve to make light of and ridicule the important issue of energy conservation in Ontario today;


Therefore, we, the undersigned, petition the Parliament of Ontario to call on Premier Dalton McGuinty and his Environment Minister to immediately withdraw this offensive ad campaign from the public domain and issue a formal apology to all Ontarians for wasting $500,000 of Ontario taxpayers' dollars on this ill-conceived and offensive decision of the McGuinty Government: