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October 12, 2006



Richmond Hill patient can't get life-saving surgery because of shortage of beds


(Queen's Park) - PC Caucus MPPs Frank Klees and Elizabeth Witmer today pressed Dalton McGuinty to focus his government's efforts on saving the life of a young woman waiting for life-saving surgery instead of spending millions on misleading advertising.

"Lori Goldstein could die at any time if she doesn't get life-saving surgery," said Klees. "But even with Lori's life-threatening condition, she is still waiting for her life-saving operation notwithstanding Dalton McGuinty's propaganda of empty waiting rooms and claims of reduced wait lists."

Klees raised Lori Goldstein's case in the Legislature today in the presence of her Richmond Hill parents. He contrasted her situation with the claims made in a $2 million advertisement the McGuinty Liberals are currently running about the health care system. For 30-year-old Lori Goldstein, who now weighs less than 60 pounds, there is no bed available in any hospital so that she can have surgery to insert a feeding tube into her to save her life.

Elizabeth Witmer said: "At a time when people in life and death situations can't get the medical care they require without the intervention of their MPP, Dalton McGuinty should pull his misleading health care ad off the air. The ad claims people can find out how to reduce their wait times by calling a hotline but that's not what people get when they call."

Ms Witmer added: "The ad implies that reducing wait times is a sure thing but it turns out to be nothing more than government propaganda. At a time when there is a shortage of doctors and nurses, Dalton McGuinty should pull this inaccurate ad and use the money to fix the problems in the health system."


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Frank Klees, MPP

(416) 325-7316

Elizabeth Witmer

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Klees- Access To Health Care

Witmer - Government Advertising


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by Caroline Grech

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