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November 3, 2006 

For Immediate Release


Klees :  McGuinty Government Folds on Licence Suspensions for School Dropouts

(Queen's Park)  Following weeks of attack over its intention to suspend driver licenses of students who drop out of school, the McGuinty government has backed down.

PC Education Critic, Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees claimed a small victory following a committee meeting during which the government agreed to strike down the provisions of Bill 52 which would have stripped driver licenses of students who dropped out of school before the age of 18.

"The Minister of Education defended  this punitive measure down to the last minute, but even she had to finally admit that this was just plain wrong," said Klees.

"I want to thank the many concerned stakeholders who made the effort to come forward to express their opposition to this legislation. Without their effort, this legislation would have been passed and Ontario would be even more firmly entrenched as the 'nanny state' it is becoming under Dalton McGuinty."

While his call has been for the repeal of the entire Bill 52,  Klees expressed satisfaction that the efforts of the Official Opposition have been successful in convincing the government to drop what Klees repeatedly referred to as " wrong-headed, punitive and unworkable" legislation.



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Frank Klees, MPP



A big thank you to you, Mr.Klees, and your staff in your efforts to represent an opposition to Bill 52. Your work is much appreciated by my homeschooling family. In recent discussion with other homeschooling families, I know my feelings are shared by others in my community. I also appreciate your office's continued communication with me throughout this affair. It is so easy to be part of our democratic process with people such as yourselves to help us along.


Mrs. Bonni Altenpohl
Brockville, Ontario