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21 November 2006

                For Immediate Release

Klees: Women's Issues in York Region Ignored by McGuinty Government

(Queen's Park) Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees today accused the McGuinty government of being out of touch with the needs of York Region, and especially as they relate to women's issues.

The charge comes following the announcement of a new $4 million program to help vulnerable women develop new skills, find employment and achieve economic independence.

"I welcome the intent of the progr a m, but a m a pp a lled a t the bla ta nt politicizing of this serious issue by the McGuinty government," said Klees, after learning that York Region would receive none of the funding announced.

"Domestic violence is not a regional issue" said Klees. "I want to remind Mr. McGuinty that women in York Region are as desperate for assistance as in every other region of the province and to shut this region out of this funding is unconscionable."

Klees pointed to organizations such as the York Region Women's Centre, that continues to struggle with growing demands for its services to women and children who are victims of domestic violence, as being well positioned to participate in the type of program announced and deserving of the additional financial support.

In a letter to the Minister Responsible for Women's Issues, Klees is asking that York Region be allocated its fair share of funding under the program. (letter)


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