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For immediate release

November 1, 2006

Family Court Backlog Devastating Families

(Queen's Park) Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees today called on the Attorney General to investigate the administration of the Newmarket Courthouse following revelations of month-long delays at the Family Law Court .

Klees raised the issue of what he referred to as "unconscionable delays in hearing cases that results in personal trauma and thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs to the innocent victims of gross mismanagement" at the courthouse.

The appeal to the Attorney General, made during Question Period in the legislature came after Klees received a call from a constituent who had unsuccessfully tried three times in the past several weeks to have her case heard by a family court judge.

After incurring $5,000.00 in fees for legal representation last Wednesday when there was only one judge available to hear 35 cases, the constituent was told to return today. But when she arrived at the courthouse today, she discovered that there was, once again, only one family court judge available to hear more than fifty cases and that she is facing further court delays and legal costs.

Klees asked the attorney general to step in to ensure that his constituent's case receive a timely hearing and to investigate courthouse administration leading to ensure that court backlogs are reduced significantly and family law cases are brought forward expeditiously.

The Attorney General agreed to look into the issue and Klees emphasized that this is not just about this one case but that hundreds of Ontario families are affected by court backlogs and delays.

My family and I wish to thank Mr Klees...

Letter to the Editor

Klees got job done
Dec 2, 2006
Richmond Hill Liberal

Re: Huge cost from court backlog: MPP , Nov. 2.

On Nov. 1, I contacted Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees to ask him to help my sister obtain a hearing before a judge at the Newmarket Family Court.

This is why:

On Oct. 25, we waited all day in court only to be told to return the week after due to the large number of cases before the single judge available that day. But the week after, there were more than 50 cases on the docket. We were told once again to come back on another date.

After more than $6,000 in legal costs during the past two appearances in court alone, we were now facing further delays and even costlier fees.

Mr. Klees responded to me immediately and called on the Attorney General of Ontario that very day to ensure we received access to a judge when we went back to court Nov. 22.

Mr. Klees continued to call on the Attorney General's office by phone and by letter to ensure more judges would be available.

I am pleased to say that when we returned to court Nov. 22, there were no line-ups and two family judges were available. We were quickly able to obtain our long-awaited hearing.

My family and I wish to thank Mr Klees for his kindness and effective hard work on our behalf and on behalf of women like my sister.

We are all very lucky to have such an MPP. He truly gets the job done.



Huge Costs from Court Backlog

Article by

Martin Derbyshire, The Liberal

November 2, 2006