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Press Release 2006


November 15, 2006

For Immediate Release


Klees: Don't Just Talk About Bullying -



(Queen's Park) PC Education Critic, Frank Klees, is not impressed with the Minister of Education's "recognition of Bullying Awareness Week."


In responding to the McGuinty government's announcement today that the ministry has created a bullying-prevention training program and will be training teachers on the issue, Klees accused the government of doing nothing while bullying is on the rise.


"Why have the previous two ministers of education, and now you, refused to even meet with the Lions Club organization to discuss implementing the Lions-Quest program rather than re-inventing the wheel and spending taxpayer dollars unnecessarily," asked Klees in response to the minister's announcement.


The Lions-Quest program was developed by the Lions Club organization with the express purpose of dealing with bullying in schools. It has been highly successful in schools where it has been implemented, is volunteer driven, and has the endorsement of principals and teachers throughout the province.


"Why this government continues to ignore this highly successful program and insists on making these empty propaganda announcements is beyond comprehension," said Klees.


"Bullying continues to be a serious problem in our schools, we have a proven community response and now the third minister of education within as many years opts for empty rhetoric and more spending announcements!"

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