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June 14, 2006


Liberals Can't Shake Partisan Politics!

"Even the serious issue of street racing and the resulting loss of life and life-threatening injuries, could not overcome the Liberals' addiction to putting partisan politics ahead of the public interest" said Oa k Ridges MPP Frank Klees following the denial by the government benches of his request for unanimous consent to accelerate passage of legislation to shut down street racing.

Klees attempted to move the unanimous consent motion in the legislature today in attempt to have Bill 122, The Street Racing Bill, which would put stringent measures in place to address the growing problem of street racing, passed before the Legislature recesses for the summer.

First to voice his opposition to the unanimous consent motion was David Caplan, the MPP for Don Valley East and the Minister of Public Infrastructure Renewa l. Other members on the Liberal benches were also heard to withhold consent.

The Street Racing Bill empowers front line police officers to issue on-the-spot licence suspensions and to impound the vehicles of anyone suspected of engaging in street racing. It provides for fines up to $2,000 a nd 6 month jail terms for convictions, and bans nitrous oxide fuel systems that are connected in any vehicle driven on a public road.

"It is not as though this legislation is new to the House. It was developed by the Ministry of Transportation and presented as a government Bill by the former government as part of a comprehensive Road Safety Bill in 2003," said Klees." To deny this consent, shows tha t some members of this legislature have a warped sense of why they are here. This is about public safety, and the public interest. My advice to Mr. Caplan and his Liberal colleagues who joined him in denying this consent, is to revisit their responsibilities as legislators."

Klees referred to the Liberals' conduct as "unconscionable".


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