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October 31, 2011 Klees Leads All-Party Organ Donor Initiative "Torch of Life Alert"

June 14, 2011 GOOD NEWS! On-line Organ and Tissue Donor Registry is now available @ a new website. Go to:

Of course you can still choose to register by mailing in the application click here

Klees Welcomes On-line Organ and Tissue Donor registry June 14, 2011
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And nothing is what McGuinty has done

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June 5, 2007

George Marcello, Frank Klees, MPP Mayor Don Cousens

Photos by Vladimir Masarik

Queen's Park


Press conference


What's Bill 67?

Private Member’s Bill to Increase Organ Donations Gets Unanimous Support

March 30, 2006

For Immediate Release

(Queen's Park) A Private Member's Bill proposed by Oak Ridges MPP, Frank Klees, which received unanimous all-party support during today's Legislative Session, could have a significant impact on access to organ transplants for Ontario patients.

The Bill, which was referred to the Standing Committee on Social Policy, requires that, everyone 16 years of age or older, will have to make a declaration concerning organ donation when they apply for, or renew, a driver's license or a provincial health card.

"The purpose of this Bill is to emphasize the increasing importance of organ donation to saving lives and reducing the suffering and uncertainty of patients who are now locked into long waiting lists," said Klees.

Nearly 2,000 people are waiting for a kidney, heart, liver or lung transplant and hundreds die every year waiting for transplants. While some advocate a system of "presumed consent," Klees has rejected that approach because he believes every Ontarian should have the right to make a personal decision as to whether they want to be an organ donor.

"The proposed "Mandatory Declaration" respects the right of every indiviaul to make this very personal decision, but also ensures that everyone gives serious consideration to the opportunity they have to save a life," said Klees.

Although a 2001 Environics poll reported that 96% of Canadians support organ donation, fewer than 45% indicated they signed donor cards. Klees believes his Bill will significantly increase the availability of donor organs.

"This will build an automatic mechanism into the province's health card and driver's license system that will require individuals to give this consideration and to make a declaration of their choice," said Klees.


Klees' initiative on this issue was inspired by the circumstances of a number of his constituents who are experiencing the frustrations of Ontario 's long waiting list for donor organs.

The Bill has received enthusiastic support from the medical community and the general public.

Greg Flynn, President of the Ontario Medical Association, stated that, "We believe such a bill would go a long way to improving and saving the lives of so many that need organ and tissue donations in Ontario ."

Dr Jeff Zaltzman, Director, Renal Transplant, St Michael's Hospital and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto , said in support of the Bill, "I believe that this is a great opportunity to educate the public, allow donor decisions to be registered and increase the organ donation rate.

The ability to provide education in advance and mandate a choice of 'yes,' 'no' or 'undecided,' is key to the success of the program. Unlike presumed consent, everyone will be informed and have to decide. This is non-partisan, non-threatening and, if done well, will prove to be successful."

Dr William Wall, Director of the Multi-Organ Transplant Program at the London Health Science Centre expressed his full support for the Bill noting its implementation "Will be a major step forward in raising the organ donation rate in the province - lives will be saved as a result."

"We strongly support organ donation," said Gary Fagan, President of the Canadian Liver Foundation. "The Foundation encourages people to sign their donor cards and discuss their wishes with family members. We feel this bill is another step in the right direction towards getting Canadians to make a concrete decision on becoming an organ donor."




Hansard Second Reading March 30, 2006 (record of debate in the legislature)

Backgrounder (revised August 13, 2007)and Private Member's Bill are attached.



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Frank Klees, MPP



Trillium Gift of Life Network website

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Joan's Blog

Joan Ransberry

June 11, 2007

Grits should hear beating of drum

Download the *Petition* and gather signitures to petition the legislature to pass Bill 67!

Constituent Feedback:
Sue Good

"Helping to Help Save Lives"

MPP Takes Organ Donation to the Streets June 4, 2006


MPP Frank Klees addressed the Citizens Panel on Increasing Organ Donation last night ( December 4th, 2006) at the Newmarket Community Centre.

"In closing, and on behalf of the many Ontarians whose very lives depend on timely organ donations, I would encourage the Panel to ensure that Mandatory Declaration be a priority recommendation when it completes its public hearings and reports back to the government early next year." for presentation click here


  "Every week people are dying in this province while on a waiting list for an organ," said Klees. "And now the only commitment we get from the Minister of Health is another study. That is shameful."Press Release Nov 24, 2006   



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