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Following my call in the legislature for the Attorney General to do the right thing and denounce the offensive order of Superior Court Judge Cohen to remove the Christmas tree from the Provincial Court, I have just been advised by the Attorney General that the tree is back up!

Thanks to all for their support.

Frank Klees, MPP

Klees: Premier Should Denounce Judge's Order

(Queen's Park) Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees, the PC Education and Citizenship & Immigration Critic, today made the following statement in the Ontario Legislature:

"I'm calling on the Premier and the Attorney General to publicly denounce the decision by Justice Marion Cohen to order the removal of a Christmas tree from the lobby of the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto .


"The reason cited was that, 'It is a Christian symbol that alienates people of other creeds and traditions.' This is an act deeply offensive not only to Christians for whom, in fact, the Christmas tree has enduring religious significance, it is also offensive to the many Ontarians of diverse faith and culture for whom it has become a symbol of this holiday season and in many ways is, in fact, symbolic of goodwill for all.


"Here in this Legislature, we have commemorated the Muslim feasts of Eid-Ul-Fitr, the Hindu feast of Diwali, and this week we will also be lighting a Menorah in honour of Hanukkah. If there is any place where the fundamental principles of religious freedom and affirmation of our diversity should be abundantly evident, it is, in fact, at the centre of our justice system.


"The action taken by this judge is contrary to our best-established traditions of celebrating diversity and tolerance. I therefore call on the Attorney General to intervene and, in fact, to undertake to assure that Ontarians are not only able to celebrate their faith and culture, but that it will also be protected by and respected by our justice system."



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Frank Klees, MPP


Frank Klees, MPP

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