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August, 31 2006

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Today's Student Success No Thanks to McGuinty Gov't

PC Education critic Frank Klees welcomed the release of the EQAO's literacy test results today and was quick to give credit to the teachers, the principals and the students who committed themselves to achieving these results.

"Teachers and principals should be commended for their dedication to the acquiring of knowledge, the building of character and the development of our students," said Klees.

The EQAO was established by the former PC government as an independent, arms-length organization to develop, administer and report on the province-wide literacy tests for Ontario students. The initiative was opposed at the time by the McGuinty Liberals, but no move has been made to dismantle the test, although most of the education reforms implemented by the former government have been repealed or watered down. The McGuinty Liberals eliminated mandatory professional development for teachers, the Ontario Teacher Qualifying Test as well as stripping the independence of the Ontario College of Teachers.

"I remind the minister that it was the previous government that implemented the framework for the student success that is now being celebrated. Higher standards, standardized curriculum, tests and report cards all were opposed by the McGuinty Liberals while in Opposition. If it were not for the standardized tests, we would not be able to benchmark the progress that our students are making in this province today," said Klees.

"These results, once again, demonstrate the validity of setting a strong curriculum, testing and report cards that allow parents, teachers and students to know exactly what is going on and how students are doing in our education system."

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