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August 24, 2006


Education Minister Gets Failing Grade in Character Education


(Queen's Park)   "At a time when school boards across the province are promoting "character education" in the curriculum, the Minister of Education fails the integrity test when it comes to her dealings with the TDSB's funding crisis", charged PC Education Critic, Frank Klees (MPP Oak Ridges).


Klees' comments were in response to the Minister's claim that the appointment of a supervisor to review the board's finances was at the request of the board. But the Minister's statement was contradicted by the Board's Chair, Sheila Ward during last night's TDSB meeting where she stated that the Board never requested the Minister to appoint anyone, that in fact the books have already been reviewed and that the Minister is duplicating work that has already been done. Ms. Ward explained she was bothered by the difference in tone between private conversations and what the Minister is saying in public. She warned the Minister that if she acts like an enemy, she will be treated as one.


"Someone isn't telling the truth, and the track record of this government's lack of respect for the facts and stakeholders stacks the odds against the Minister," said Klees.


Klees points to the current "funding crisis" at the Toronto District School Board as evidence that the McGuinty Liberals' claim that all is well in education, is a myth that is progressively being exposed by the facts.


"This government has managed to deflect attention away from their mismanagement of the education file with high profile photo-ops and one time funding announcements that have appeased stakeholders, but they have failed to deliver the funding for many of the basic needs and they are refusing to accept that responsibility," charged Klees.


"Everybody knows that the TDSB is having difficulty balancing their budget. We've known this for years. To appoint a supervisor may serve the government's purpose in deflecting attention away from their own mismanagement, but it won't solve the problem. The government should subject the Ministry of Education to similar scrutiny".




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