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Hudak and Klees Encourage York Residents to Sign Up for Greenbelt Hearings

                                                               Hearing dates

For Immediate Release

January 19, 2005

MARKHAM - Today, PC Municipal Affairs Critic Tim Hudak and Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees called on individuals concerned about the McGuinty-Liberals Greenbelt plan to sign up to present to the all-party Standing Committee.  

"I have heard from farmers, municipal leaders and taxpayers across York Region that

feel the McGuinty-Liberals Greenbelt plan is flawed and is in need of significant improvement," said Frank Klees.   "Because this Committee has the power to amend the Greenbelt Legislation, this may be the best opportunity for these concerned citizens to have their problems addressed."

The all party Committee looking into the Greenbelt will be at the Radisson Hotel in Markham on Tuesday February 1st, however the deadline to sign-up for the hearings

is Monday January 24, 2005.   Anyone wishing to sign-up for the hearings can do so

by contacting Tonia Grannum at (416) 325-3519 or by emailing her at .      The committee has the unique ability to not only study the bill but to vote on amendments to it before it is sent to the legislature for a final vote.

"Having your voice heard at these hearings can make a difference," said Hudak.   " By signing up and sending a written submission, local residents send a powerful message that they want the Greenbelt Bill substantially improved."

Hudak and Klees believe that the proposed Greenbelt can be improved in 4 key ways:

1 - To save the farm, you have to save the farmer. If Greenbelt farmers are unable to farm profitably, they will simply let the land go fallow. This will cause local councils and the Province to be under considerable pressure to develop that land for housing or industry. The Greenbelt must include a solid, thoughtful, provincially funded plan to support the economic viability of the farm.

2 - Support for Greenbelt municipalities. Municipalities in the Greenbelt area will have their future growth frozen, limiting the growth of their tax base. It may make future infrastructure investments like roads, sewers or recreation centres unaffordable without significant tax increases.

3- A transportation and infrastructure strategy must be in place to complement the Greenbelt municipalities and support communities outside the Greenbelt. Particularly in Niagara, construction of the Mid-Peninsula Highway will result in transferring considerable growth pressure from the fruit belt to south and southwest Niagara.

4- The Greenbelt should be based on good science, not political science. Land to be included in the Greenbelt should be designated based on science, not by drawing arbitrary lines, or political considerations.

Public Hearing Details:


MEETING TIMES: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

      (times approximate, subject to number of witnesses scheduled)

LOCATION:                   SCANDIA ROOM

Radisson Hotel Toronto - Markham

                                    50 East Valhalla Drive, Markham, ON L3R 0A3

                                    (905) 477-2010


For additional information contact:

Tim Hudak, MPP