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April 14, 2005


(Queen's Park)             The McGuinty government doesn't know, or won't tell the cost of their package with elementary teachers which was announced today, charged P.C. Education Critic Frank Klees (MPP - Oak Ridges)

"Not only has this government eliminated local bargaining by having the Minister deal directly with the teacher federations" said Klees, "they have stripped the school boards and trustees of their responsibilities. What's left for local school board trustees to do?"

Klees asked Management Board Chair Gerry Phillips in the Legislature today what the costs were for the deal announced by the Minister of Education.

"Gerry Phillips either would not or could not tell us what this announcement will cost taxpayers," said Klees.   He posed the question to the Management Board Chair noting that the Minister of Education was clearly caught off guard when he was asked by reporters about the cost of the announcement during a morning media conference.

"Apparently the Minister has a blank cheque to make these deals.   This is peace at any cost to get this government past a 2007 election date," Klees added.   "While parents want fair and reasonable contracts for teachers, they also expect their government to deal prudently and responsibly with their tax dollars."




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