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December 14, 2005

MPP Exposes Growing Waiting Lists

(Queen's Park)   Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees today charged that when it comes to dealing with wait times the McGuinty government is living in the web world not the real world.

In response to repeated questioning on behalf of two Richmond Hill seniors and their problems with accessing needed spinal surgery, the best answer the government could muster was to suggest that patients view the government's web site on wait lists.

"This government thinks that a website showing wait times across the province is an acceptable answer to people who are suffering debilitating pain while they wait for surgery," said Klees. "I have news for the government and the minister of health - people are suffering and doctors are at the end of their rope trying to get time in operating rooms to perform these needed surgeries, and deflecting the very real needs of people is unacceptable."

Klees cited the cases of 81 year old Mrs. Lena Lipp and 75 year old Mrs. Edith Horton from Richmond Hill (Hansard attached) who had been directed to contact their MPP by their orthopaedic surgeon out of frustration at not being able to access the needed resources to perform their necessary surgeries. The Acting Premier, Leona Dombrowski who responded on behalf of the Minister of Health, suggested that the families and their surgeons access the government website to see where they could find services in other areas of the province.

"I am astonished at the callous disregard for the pain and suffering of Ontarians that this Minister's response reflects today," said Klees. "This government's weekly pronouncements of how well they are managing heath care is belied by the facts in the real world. Wait times are increasing on their watch. People are suffering. Doctors are frustrated by their inability to serve their patients. The only answer this government has, is to point to a website. That won't help Mrs. Lipp and Mrs. Horton, or their doctor, or any of the people on these growing waiting lists."

Klees added, "The time for rhetoric is past. We keep hearing that this government and their federal cousins were fixing medicare for generations to come. Perhaps it's time they got started, because the wait times for people in pain just keep getting longer each month."


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Article in the Liberal news paper Dec 29/05

By Chris Traber

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