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November 25, 2004



(Queen's Park)     Frank Klees, MPP for Oak Ridges, forced a special debate following today's legislative session, when he served notice of dissatisfaction with the Education Minister for failing to answer his questions about the government's decision to announce daycare funding in elementary schools and refusing to fund a children's treatment centre to serve York Region and Simcoe.

"It is estimated that by 2006 there will be in excess of 14,000 children with complex needs in York," said Klees.   "This is the priority that should be addressed, not daycare in schools or the continuing series of announcements on non-issues such as pit bull bans and what's in a vending machine.   This government is more concerned with what's in a child's lunchbox than in dealing with the serious matter of the needs of our most vulnerable children".

During the special evening debate, Klees acknowledged the need for daycare spaces, but believes that the treatment centre for children in York Region must take precedence at the current time.    He stressed that the issue at hand was that the government didn't seem to understand the importance to the children in York Region of a treatment centre and asked that government make a commitment to the necessary funding.  

Klees expressed his disappointment that Education Minister Gerard Kennedy declined to participate in the debate and instead sent his Parliamentary Assistant, who would not address the specific issue of a children's treatment centre for York Region.

"We as legislators have a responsibility to prioritize our funding needs," Klees added after the debate.   "I find it appalling that this government chooses to ignore the needs of medically fragile children and insists on pushing ahead with a program that the school boards have told them is unaffordable and almost impossible to implement."


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