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Press Releases 2004

November 2, 2004, TORONTO


For Immediate Release




Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees today called on Energy Minister, Dwight Duncan to direct

Hydro One Inc. to withdraw the draft Environmental Study Report (ESR) released on

October 21, 2004.

During debate in the legislature, Klees referred to a letter sent to Hydro One by Markham Mayor Don Cousens, which listed numerous examples of how Hydro One failed to comply with the process required under The Environmental Assessment Act. The process conducted by Hydro One was "flawed and is an affront to the people of York Region", said Klees.

Klees reminded the Minister that his Parliamentary Assistant repeatedly assured the legislature during a special debate on the corridor issue requested by Klees on October 28, 2004, that the government is committed to "listen to local government and local constituents", and that municipalities should have "more autonomy in what occurs in their area."

"This process led by Hydro One has ignored the local government and thousands of residents who have attempted to engage in the debate," said Klees.

Klees said the ultimate act of arrogance on the part of Hydro One is to proceed with the process, but abrogate its responsibilities by claiming the final decision will rest with the region.

"Hydro One has no authority to delegate that responsibility. It does have the responsibility to ensure every transmission option is fully investigated and to ensure a safe and reliable supply of electricity is available," said Klees.



For more information please contact - Terry Ross at 416-325-7316

Attached: copy of letter to the Honourable Dwight Duncan, Minister of Energy click here