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Press Releases 2004

For Immediate Release

June 18, 2004


Liberal Government Passes Tax-and-Slash Budget Bill in Spite of Public Outcry


(Richmond Hill) - Under cover of darkness, at 9:30pm on Thursday evening, the Liberal government marched forward with their reckless agenda by passing the Budget Measures Act , despite intense opposition from the Progressive Conservative caucus.   The bill passed with unanimous support from members of the Liberal caucus who chose to disregard public opinion and strong opposition from experts in the financial and health communities.

"Since the Liberal Budget was announced on May 18, hundreds of people have written or called my office disgusted with this government's callous attitude and broken promises," said Frank Klees, MPP Oak Ridges. "Last week I presented to the Legislature a petition demanding Premier McGuinty obey the Taxpayer Protection Law. Literally thousands of people outraged by the regressive tax hikes have sent petitions to my office demanding the Premier call a referendum to let the people decide whether or not they want their taxes raised."

Budget 2004:

•  Forces you to pay for your eye exams if you are between 20 and 60;

•  Forces you to pay full price for your chiropractic visits;

•  Forces you to pay full price to go to the physiotherapist;

•  Forces modest- and middle-income earners to pay a new $1.6 billion health tax through     their personal income tax;

•  Breaks the law (Taxpayer Protection Act) ; and

•  Ignores the Liberal promise to hold a referendum to let people decide whether or

    not they want their taxes raised.

"People in our community cannot afford this new tax. Nor can they afford the Liberal government's delisting of eye exams, physiotherapy or chiropractic services," said Klees.   "I have heard from my constituents, and I will live up to this promise - I will fight these reckless Liberal policies on their behalf until Dalton McGuinty does the right thing and reverses his agenda, or until he gives Ontarians the right to have their voices heard through a referendum on these issues.   Raising taxes in this province requires a referendum - that is the law, and despite what the Liberals may think, this government is not above the law."


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For further information contact:

Frank Klees, MPP

Oak Ridges