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July 06, 2004

McGuinty Liberals Have Broken 33 Promises - So Far

"Promise Breakers" drag home a sorry report card after their first sitting

Richmond Hill -At the end of its first Legislative sitting, the tally of broken promises of the McGuinty government now stands at 33, says Frank Klees, MPP for Oak Ridges. "Dalton McGuinty came to power last October promising to fight cynicism," said Klees. "He has done the opposite. His tax hikes and broken promises have raised cynicism and doubt about elected politicians to new heights."

Despite centering his election campaign around a pledge not to raise taxes, starting this month Dalton McGuinty will be taking more taxes out of the pockets of people earning as little as $20,000 a year, or just $385 a week. Taxes on beer and wine are also going up, as are driver's licence fees by 50%. Most drivers will have to wait at least a year for their promised reduction in auto insurance premiums - four times longer than the 90 days the Liberals promised.

"These higher taxes are not improving access to health care, but decreasing it," noted Klees. "The McGuinty government is no longer paying for routine eye exams, physiotherapy or chiropractic services, thereby reducing the quality of life for many Ontarians and possibly letting serious diseases go undiagnosed."

Some of the extra millions being collected are not even going into health care: at least $113 million in programs that the Liberals have categorized as "health care" are to be spent on infrastructure and environmental projects funded and delivered through ministries other than the ministry of health.

"When people think of the McGuinty Liberals' broken promises, what usually comes to mind are their broken promises on taxes, hydro rates and auto insurance," said Klees. "But there are more than two dozen other broken promises that reveal the true nature of the McGuinty government." Klees noted that the Liberals' other broken promises include: giving government contracts to Liberal friends and cronies, turning the Chief Medical Officer of Health into a government spokesperson, and failing to budget for the 1,000 new police and 100 parole officers promised in their platform.

"When MPPs return to the Legislature in October, the McGuinty government's mandate will be one-quarter gone and the media and public will be assessing their first year in office," said Klees. "Topping that assessment will be the fact that the Liberals have well and truly earned the label of 'Promise Breakers.' It is a label they will find very hard to shake."

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