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May 31, 2004

Klees tables Taxpayer Protection Affirmation Act in Ontario Legislature

"Last chance" for Government MPPs to keep their promise, Oak Ridges MPP says

(QUEEN'S PARK) Today, Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees introduced a private member's bill entitled the Taxpayer Protection Affirmation Act.   The bill opens another front in the battle against the regressive tax increases proposed by the McGuinty government in clear violation of the Premier's election promises and provincial law.

"I'm introducing this bill to give Dalton McGuinty and his Liberal government one last chance to at least uphold Ontario law."   Klees notes that no government spokesman has yet given any reason why a referendum to increase taxes- currently required by law - will not be held.

"Government MPPs can vote for my proposal - and have the promised referendum - or they can vote for the Sorbara-McGuinty Budget and break their pledge to abide by the   Taxpayer Protection Act that they swore to uphold during the election campaign," Klees said. "I want to give them a clear choice to either do things the honest way, or do it the McGuinty-Liberal way."

Klees' bill creates a reset mechanism that would override Premier McGuinty's attempt to rewrite the Taxpayer Protection Act to bypass the referendum requirement.   Taxpayers would be eligible for a refund on any money collected prior to the required referendum.

Klees has already introduced a less formal private member's motion, and he has distributed hundreds of petitions for signature as part of the PC Party's effort to stall, defeat or reverse what he calls "the budget of broken promises."   "I've been to communities across the province already with this petition in hand," Klees said, "and it's clear at the doorstep that taxpayers from all political parties and all regions remember Mr. McGuinty's promise, and they expect it to be kept.   They expect him to uphold the law."

Klees' Taxpayer Protection Petition is available on his MPP website at .   The text of the proposed Taxpayer Protection Affirmation Act will also be posted there upon introduction.

For more information, please call Brian Kelcey at (416)325-7316

ATTACHED: Text of the proposed Taxpayer Protection Affirmation Act (pages 2,3)