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December 6, 2004

For Immediate Release


Klees tells Legislature: Treat bullying as serious issue

Queen's Park:   Frank Klees, MPP for Oak Ridges, demanded that all schools in Ontario put a prescribed response protocol in place to deal with bullying.

In a statement to the Legislature, Klees said, "I am calling on the Minister of Education to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that every principal, every teacher and every administrator in our school system treats bullying as a serious issue"

Klees cited the tragic death of East York Collegiate student, Andrew Stewart, saying that the legislature has a responsibility to address the underlying issues that led to it, after the Toronto Sun reported that parents of some students at the school had been warning of brewing violence in the weeks prior to Andrew's death.

"Sadly, this is not an isolated case," said Klees.   "There is an other serious issue involving a 14 year old student at Mother Teresa High School in Ottawa.   The boy's parents have pleaded with the school to ensure a safe and secure environment for their son and their appeal is being ignored."

Klees added, "That boy's parents wrote to me and sent pictures of the injuries that had been inflicted on their son.   It is outrageous that this is allowed to go on in our schools.   Who is protecting our children?"   Following his statement, Klees had the parent's letter and pictures delivered to the Minister of Education.

"Every school must have a prescribed response protocol," said Klees.   "We must ensure that the school is an environment where our children not only feel safe, but actually are safe from bullies."


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