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Press Releases 2004


                                   Immediate Release
   January 15, 2004


Questions Premier's Intentions on Photo Radar


(Richmond Hill) - Frank Klees, MPP Oak Ridges and P.C. Critic for Transportation, while commenting on the McGuinty government's decision to consider bringing back photo radar, today reminded Premier McGuinty about his promise to put 1,000 new police officers in Ontario communities.


"Dalton McGuinty promised 1,000 new police officers during the election," said Klees. "Photo radar shouldn't even be a topic of discussion until he makes good on this campaign promise first."   Klees noted that when the Progressive Conservative party promised to put 1000 new police officers on they streets of Ontario they did it.


Here's what two of Premier McGuinty's Cabinet colleagues, including the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, had to say about photo radar:


". just for the benefit of the French language translation service, the correct translation of 'photo-radar' is 'cash register."

•  Greg Sorbara, Minister of Finance, The Toronto Star , January 15, 2004


"All it's really done has made the coffers of the treasury swell with amounts of money that are starting to verge on the obscene."

•  Monte Kwinter, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, The Toronto Sun , December 17, 1994


And here's McGuinty's photo radar flip-flop:


"I'm saying that it's [photo radar] not a priority. It's not in the plans. I have no intention of putting it forward. Maybe 10 years from now by all means."

•  Dalton McGuinty, CHOG-AM, May 20, 1999


"I've long been a supporter of photo radar. It's a revenue generator - absolutely."

•  Dalton McGuinty, Cabinet scrum, January 14, 2004


Photo radar is just one more way to get more money out of the pockets of working Ontarians.   It does nothing to address aggressive driving, and it does nothing to make our roads safer.




Frank Klees

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