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For Immediate Release

August 1, 2003



YORK - David H. Tsubouchi, MPP for Markham, Julia Munro, MPP for York North, Frank Klees, MPP for Oak Ridges and Tina Molinari, MPP for Thornhill on behalf of Premier Eves today announced that Markham Stouffville Hospital, Southlake Regional Health Centre and York Central Hospital will receive a combined total of over $12 million in new hospital funding in 2003/04.   With the addition of this new funding York Region hospitals will receive in total over $275 million in 2003/04.

"This funding demonstrates our government's commitment to improve access to hospital services at all Ontario hospitals, " said David H. Tsubouchi, MPP for Markham.   "Health care is the number one priority to all Ontarians that is why I am pleased to announce that just over $1.9 million of this new funding initiative has been allocated to Markham Stouffville Hospital."

This is part of the $620 million increase announced by the Premier yesterday, which brings funding for hospitals in the province to an unprecedented $10.4 billion.   The new provincial funding includes $484 million for base funding for hospital operations, which was committed to in the 2003 Budget. This means that all hospitals will receive a minimum three per cent increase.  

"Keeping our hospitals in excellent shape is an investment for the future" Thornhill MPP Tina Molinari said.   "This money ensures the local infrastructure will be in a position to meet the growing needs of the Thornhill community."

"We have exceeded our government's commitment to health care in our community," said Frank Klees, MPP for Oak Ridges. "We understand the immediate and urgent needs of Ontario communities and I am confirming that just over $5 million in new money will go directly to York Central Hospital."  

The $620 million also includes $136 million in new base funding for expanded services at restructured hospitals, and for priority programs, such as cardiac care or dialysis, across the province.  

"Hospitals are a vital component to the overall well being of our communities," said Julia Munro, MPP for York North.   "The additional $5 million in new funds to the Southlake Regional Health Centre will go a long way in continued delivery of quality health care to the community of York North."

Yesterday the Premier also committed to cover 100 per cent of revenue lost by hospitals that have been affected by SARS, which is estimated to be $90 million.   As well, Premier Eves announced that the government will immediately advance a further $150 million to hospitals that have incurred additional expenses as a result of SARS.



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