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Immediate Release

November 26, 2003

Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees Declares

Provincial SURPLUS Could R each $3.9 Billion - IT CAN BE DONE!


(Richmond Hill)   Frank Klees, MPP Oak Ridges is calling upon the Ontario government to roll-up their sleeves and get to work at balancing the budget by acting responsibly and in the best interests of all Ontarians.


Conservative Leader Ernie Eves and Finance Critic John Baird unveiled the truth behind Dalton McGuinty's deficit. "Based on the Balanced Budget plan of the previous Eves government and the $3.8-billion of in-year savings outlined in the Liberal financial plan, Ontarians can expect as much as a $3.9-billion surplus when the Provinces books are closed on March 31," said Klees.


"In light of the Premier's failure to accept his responsibility to prudently manage the provinces finances, we have gone to great lengths to develop a plan that will ensure the taxpayers of Ontario are protected and that the books are balanced this year ," said Opposition Leader Eves.   "We have looked at the information presented in the recent fiscal review as well as the private sector outlook for the next five months, and the message is clear - Ontario's budget can be balanced if the Liberals have the political will to make some tough decisions."


The details of the Conservative plan are outlined in a 9-page report that includes in-year savings measures, money owed from the federal government, the prudent sale of surplus provincial assets and the acknowledgement that a portion of the Liberal deficit is based on nothing more than creative accounting.


According to the report released November 26 th , the Liberal government can deliver more than a $3-billion surplus without sacrificing jobs and the Ontario economy with their planned tax hike.   On November 24th, the Minister of Finance tabled legislation that will inflict the largest single tax hike in the history of the province on the taxpayers of Ontario.


"The Liberals think that tax hikes will prevent them from having to make tough decisions," said Klees.   "The reality is, they will only drive jobs out of Ontario and stunt the growth of the economy.   We need only to look at the legacies of Bob Rae and David Peterson to prove that."


"The time for pointing fingers is over.   The Premier and the Minister of Finance need to put the cynicism and the excuses aside and start working on behalf of Ontarians ," said Klees.   "Two months of doing nothing is unacceptable. The people of Ontario and here in Oak Ridges want a balanced budget now - IT CAN BE DONE ."


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