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April 8, 2004

  For Immediate Release



McGuinty's search for new landfill capacity still concern for 905: Tory MPP

(Richmond Hill) Keele's landfill will stay closed, if the Minister of Environment can be believed.   Yesterday, using Question Period, Klees asked for and received the Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky's commitment to keep the Keele landfill site closed, despite growing speculation that Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty's search for new landfill space would see the controversial site reopened. "Our sources were telling us that the Liberal government would consider 'any option' to find new landfill space in the region," Klees said, explaining that existing technology could conceivably see Keele reopened for several year's use.

The Keele Valley landfill was closed in 2002 as a result of a 1995 election promise made by Klees, Mike Harris and the late Al Palladini, former MPP in the region and a former Minister of Economic Development.   While Mrs. Dombrowsky's commitment protects residents adjacent to Keele, the government's search for new landfill sites elsewhere in the 905 continues.

"We made the commitment to close Keele because the 905 isn't Toronto's backyard any longer," Klees said, noting that "the area around the landfill urbanized rapidly in the last two decades, and whether that was sound planning or not, it happened.   The area is now simply inappropriate for a landfill."

The issue arose because the Liberal government introduced legislation to forbid the use of the Adams Mine or similar sites for garbage disposal (the proposed Bill also overrides basic civil rights, prohibiting anyone from suing the government if the Bill results in financial loss to property owners).   The ban on use of the Adams Mine comes despite the lack of any emergency plan for regional garbage disposal in the event that Michigan revokes permission for the dumping of GTA-area garbage in sites in the state.

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