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Press Releases 2004

Immediate Release

February 23, 2004


                                IS IT STILL "MAD AND RECKLESS", PREMIER?


(Richmond Hill) "Mad and reckless" must be the Premier's opinion of one of his Ministers.  

In response to Economic Development Minister Joe Cordiano's latest suggestion that the Liberals

expand casinos in the province, Tory MPP, Frank Klees drew attention to McGuinty's comments while

Leader of the Opposition. At the time, he condemned the Tory government for expanding casino gambling.

In a question to then Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations, David Tsubouchi  

on December 9, 1997 Mr. McGuinty, had this to say about casinos.  "I want to talk to you today about the

subject of gambling and your mad, reckless rush to expand it in Ontario".

"If it was mad and reckless then, what possible justification could there be to add even more casinos now"? Asked Klees.

Just two years ago, McGuinty had this to say in the Ottawa Sun.   "I'm against expansion of gambling inOntario.  

It's an unhealthy foundation on which to develop an economy." Ottawa Sun, February 19, 2000.


"This is just one more example of a government without direction," said Klees "this government has

floated so many trial balloons, air traffic is being diverted from all Ontario airports".        


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