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Press Releases 2004

Immediate Release

February 6, 2004


The McGuinty Way: He Talks Tough, You Pay


(Richmond Hill) Despite Mr. McGuinty's assurances that the 407 dispute would be resolved within "a dispute resolution process that is cost-effective," the battle over his failed promise to cut 407 ETR tolls is in the high-risk, high-cost territory of the courtroom. "Now we see the consequences of Mr. McGuinty's opposition-style government," Klees said.

To Klees, the government's decision to forgo the 407's Friday offer proves that Mr. McGuinty is more concerned about PR than he is about consumers. "The Highway offered to stall its toll hike in exchange for faster dispute resolution," Klees said. "If the government's case is so good, then isn't a faster decision better for everyone?  

But Mr. McGuinty wouldn't choose that approach because the McGuinty Way is about big talk, not smart action.   He's chosen the longest, riskiest, costliest route to a resolution and every single taxpayer in the province of Ontario will pay for it.






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