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For Immediate Release                                                                                  February 25, 2008


KLEES:  Ontario Municipalities Deserve Better in the Long Term


(Queens’ Park)  PC Transportation and Public Infrastructure Renewal Critic Frank Klees, MPP for Newmarket-Aurora today said that Dalton McGuinty has once again demonstrated that he doesn’t understand the long term needs of Ontario municipalities.”


Klees made the comments in response to Dalton McGuinty’s announcement earlier today that the government is adding $150 million to the Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative which awards one-time grants to municipalities on a competitive basis.  Klees, a former transportation minister, said that municipalities “need a long term plan and a commitment to multiple year funding for municipal infrastructure.”


“This is a one-off, end of fiscal year funding announcement, typical of the McGuinty government,” Klees said. “The Premier knows by now that municipalities need to be able to plan long term rather than be forced into these last-minute politically-driven funding traps.”


“Ottawa has placed municipal infrastructure funding dollars on the federal-provincial negotiating table,” Klees said.  “Dalton McGuinty, however, would rather fight Stephen Harper rather than work with his government to address the ongoing infrastructure problems our municipalities are facing.”


“Why has Mr. McGuinty not signed the federal-provincial infrastructure framework that would allow Ontario to access the $33 billion infrastructure fund as have BC, PEI and other provinces?  This government prefers to play the political game rather than responsibly manage the affairs of our province,” Klees said.


“By refusing to engage in long term fiscal planning with municipalities while offering them funding as an after-thought at the end of the year, the McGuinty government continues to demonstrate that political posturing is more important than getting on with the business of governing,”  Klees said.  “It is time for Dalton McGuinty to stop his political posturing with Ottawa and begin to listen to what Ontario municipalities are telling him they need in order to provide the kind of government Ontarians have a right to expect,” Klees said.





Frank Klees, MPP, Newmarket-Aurora

PC Transportation and Public Infrastructure Renewal Critic                               416 509 8999

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