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Press Releases 2008

McGuinty Comes to His Knees

on Lord's Prayer


June 12, 2008 (Queens Park)  Dalton McGuinty's absence at today's vote on a resolution to keep the Lord's Prayer as part of the daily proceedings of the Ontario legislature was glaring. In fact, those Liberal MPP's who showed up for the vote had difficulty concealing their embarassment that this issue was even before them.


Shortly after this past provincial election, Dalton McGuinty proposed that the Lord's Prayer should be removed from the Legislature’s opening proceedings, citing Ontario's diverse religious and cultural mosaic as his reason.


Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees did not hesitate to challenge McGuinty's proposal and launched a petition campaign that called on "the Parliament of Ontario to continue its long-standing practice of using the Lord's Prayer as part of its daily Proceedings".


The campaign gathered momentum and resulted in literally hundreds of thousands of petitions being tabled in the Legislature. Of interest was the fact that people of all religious persuasions joined in the call to retain the Lord's Prayer.


"This is a victory for everyone who engaged in the effort to send Mr. McGuinty the message that Ontarians value their historical religious and cultural heritage," said Klees.  "Diversity does not mean that we have to give up what is an integral part of our past, and this affirmation today ensures that our parliamentary and religious heritage is honoured and respected".


"I want to thank my constituents and like-minded supporters from across the province for their participation in this campaign, and for their encouragement to keep up the fight over these past months," said Klees.


The motion which was passed unanimously reads as follows: 


“Mr. Bryant has moved that the Speaker commence each meeting day of the Assembly by reciting the Lord’s Prayer, followed by another prayer, or the presentation of a verse or passage, or call for a moment of silent reflection, or any such other similar activity which, in the opinion of the Speaker, will serve to reflect over time the general demographic composition of this chamber and of the province of Ontario.”



February 14, 2008

KLEES:  Lord’s Prayer an Important Part of Ontario’s Progressive Past and Dynamic Present


(Queens’ Park)  In response to Dalton McGuinty's call to strike an all-party committee that would consider removing the Lord's Prayer from the daily opening exercises of the Legislature, Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees said he would "resist any such attempt to tamper with the historic traditions of the Parliament of Ontario.”

Klees said he has no issue with recognizing the multi-faith character of Ontario, but that “inclusiveness means the inclusion of the Lord’s Prayer that has been an integral part of our parliamentary tradition since it was first established in 1793 under Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe.” 

Klees added that Simcoe’s mentor was the famous abolitionist and British Member of Parliament, William Wilberforce, whose progressive, anti-slavery movement was rooted in a biblical Judeo-Christian inspiration.  

"We all acknowledge and celebrate the multicultural diversity of our province, but to eliminate such an important part of Ontario’s spiritual and parliamentary heritage that is the Lord’s Prayer would definitely work against that same principle of inclusiveness.”

“This would only result in a polarization among Ontarians and would do untold damage to the comprehensive character of our province’s historic character and dynamic, contemporary cultural mosaic.”



Frank Klees, MPP


PC Transportation Critic                                                                             

416 509 8999

Frankly Speaking March addition "Prayer important part of Ontario's past, present, future"

Petition to the Parliament of Ontario to include the Lord's Prayer as part of its daily Proceedings

Please feel free to print off the petition by clicking here [ petition] and mail it to the address indicated. It reads:

Whereas Premier Dalton McGuinty has called on the Ontario Legislature to consider removing the Lord’s Prayer from its daily Proceedings;

Whereas the Lord’s Prayer has been an integral part of our parliamentary heritage that was first established in 1793 under Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe;

Whereas the Lord’s Prayer is today a significant part of the religious heritage of millions of Ontarians of culturally diverse backgrounds;

Therefore, we, the undersigned, petition the Parliament of Ontario to continue its long-standing practice of using the Lord’s Prayer as part of its daily Proceedings:

I will read your petitions in the legislature.

Send them to me as soon as possible and continue to gather names on new pages.

The legislature will only accept petitions with original signatures so don't fax or email

Church group fights to save Lord's Prayer

Brampton Guardian March 30, 2008

over 2000 signatures

York politicians, religious leaders differ on Lord's Prayer at Queen's Park article by
David Fleischer Era Banner February 16, 2008