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Press Releases 2008

For Immediate Release                                                                                  February 25, 2008


KLEES:  Lack of Enforcement and Highway Conditions Cited as

Main Threats to Road Safety


(Queens’ Park)  PC Transportation and Public Infrastructure Renewal Critic Frank Klees, MPP for Newmarket-Aurora, today said that auto crashes occur too often on Ontario’s highways and the McGuinty Liberals must move quickly and decisively before more innocent lives are lost.


Klees’ comments came following the second fatal crash on Highway 401 near Woodstock in less than a week claiming two lives. 


“While so-called ‘accidents’ are rare, there are frequent ‘crashes’ caused by irresponsible drivers, and all too often roads that are getting progressively worse are a contributing factor.  These crashes occur because of reckless and careless driving, especially when people drive too fast on highways in dangerous weather conditions.  When potholes and debris litter our highways, the chances of a crash are greatly increased.”


“Passing more road-safety legislation, as the government did recently, without providing adequate funding to our police services to enforce those laws or ensuring that maintenance of our highways is a funding priority, will only mean more deadly crashes on our provincial highways.”


“The only way to deal with this threat is to ensure our police services have the resources to put officers on the front line where these drivers can be caught and appropriately charged and our justice system must be adequately resourced to convict those responsible,” Klees said.  “Just as important is the state of disrepair of our provincial highways, which is increasingly becoming a matter of serious concern.”


“It’s time for the Minister of Transportation to make highway safety a priority in more than legislative pronouncement if we are serious about protecting the lives of Ontario drivers and their families on our province’s highways,” Klees said.






Frank Klees, MPP


PC Transportation Critic                                                                                

416 509 8999