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                                                                             March 25, 2008

KLEES Advocates for Aurora Business


(Queen’s Park)  Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees brought the concerns of one of Aurora’s largest employers to the attention of the Legislature today.  Following is the Hansard Record of Klees’ question and the response of the Minister of Economic Development:

Mr. Frank Klees: My question is to the Premier. Premier, I received a letter just recently from Mr. Perry Rizzo, president of Axiom Group Inc. in Aurora.

He said this:

“Despite our efforts and leading edge innovation, Axiom has been challenged with unprecedented negative business conditions, which continues to hamper our long-term business commitments in Canada.

“We currently employ 100 people in this province, but must now look at all available options, which will lead to the loss of all employment in this region as well as the technology and innovation our firm has created if support cannot be achieved.”

The question I have for the Premier is, if Mr. Rizzo were listening to you today, given the circumstances of his business, what is your advice, as Premier, to this individual who has made investments in this province and whose business is on the brink of collapsing?

Hon. Dalton McGuinty: To the Minister of Economic Development and Trade.

Hon. Sandra Pupatello: I’m very pleased to have this question because we like to speak to all businesses in Ontario to make sure that they are well aware of the initiatives that we have brought forward to help businesses today. For example, businesses very much like the one that this member opposite mentions would have benefited greatly from the items that were in the December economic update, as corporate tax cuts relevant to businesses today. In particular, I might mention that if this business, for example, is not in a profit-making position, then corporate tax rates which this individual is calling for will not help this company, but instead items like the elimination of the capital tax for manufacturing—that actually helps this company. Because it’s also retroactive to January 1, 2007, it helped over the course of last year, as well.

These are elements, like the reduction in the property taxes on education for businesses—a direct help to companies. No matter how much money they’re making, they are saving money.

Mr. Frank Klees: I spoke with Mr. Rizzo earlier today and I asked him, “If you had the opportunity to ask the Premier one question, what would that be?” Mr. Rizzo said this: “Ask the Premier, apart from all of the programs that he might be discussing, what he will do for businesses like mine that cannot access capital—and that is what they need to stay in business during this challenging time. What practical advice does the Premier have for me and what will his government do to ensure that businesses like ours will have access to capital that we need to stay in business?”

Hon. Sandra Pupatello: Once again, we’d be happy to speak directly with this company, as we have unrelentingly. Every time we are forwarded information about speaking to businesses, we do so. So I’d be happy to call this company and discuss directly how much we can help and how much we have helped. In particular, the last budget initiatives, this member opposite knows, have directly helped companies that aren’t in a profit position, and I have to contrast that with the mantra that the members opposite have been spewing lately, because what you’re asking for does not help companies that aren’t making money. In fact, we’re specifically targeting companies to assist in their investing in opportunities to make them more productive, more innovative—higher levels of technology, better energy efficiencies. Those are the kinds of programs that we’ve developed and unfortunately the members of the opposition have voted against, but we appreciate—

The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): Thank you, Minister.



Frank Klees, MPP


416 509 8999



January 23, 2009

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