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Press Releases 2007

For Immediate Release                                                                  November 29, 2007


KLEES:  Throne Speech Vintage McGuinty


(Queen's Park) "Today's Throne Speech may have been read by a new Lieutenant Governor, but it is obvious we have the same Premier. This is vintage McGuinty - long on promises, short on specifics and silent on implementation.

"Ontarians should be concerned that there is no mention of an economic plan in the face of increasing job losses, no specific commitments to deal with the major issues facing our communities.

"On education, review of the funding formula is once again put off to 2010, leaving school boards in the same state of uncertainty in which they found themselves before the election.

"The speech talks about the principle of "opportunity for all" in education, yet once again fails to make any commitment to children with special needs such as autism and learning disabilities.   Apparently this government's definition of "all" excludes those children. While I respect the credentials of Dr. Charles Pascal and welcome his appointment as Early Learning Adviser, his mandate should have been to ensure the early learning challenges of children with special needs such as autism are met through the public education system ahead of the McGuinty government's promise to put 4 and 5 year olds into full time learning. 

"On the important issues of infrastructure, transportation and public transit, we have nothing more than a re-statement of the so-called Move Ontario 2020 plan that leaves municipalities with not a single penny of new funding for the next 4 years. And the most specific commitment was that the provincial government would "press" the federal government to provide infrastructure funding through the dedication of 1 cent of the GST - yet another abdication of responsibility. 

"In short, we're in for 4 more years of promises, photo-ops and excuses. Only this time, they won't be able to blame the previous provincial government for their failures because that would now be "them".  Now it will be Mr. Harper and the federal government that gets the blame for the inadequacies of our health care, school board deficits and paralyzing gridlock.

"But then, no one should be surprised. Ontarians knew who they were voting for. They had a McGuinty government track record of 4 years of broken promises and mismanagement and they obviously wanted more of the same."



Frank Klees, MPP


416 509 8999