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Press Releases 2007

KLEES: Budget Fails to Eliminate Double

Standard for Long Term Care Residents


(Queen's Park)  Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees called the McGuinty government's

budget an "insult to residents of long term care homes and their families."  Klees

made the statement following his visit to Aurora Resthaven, a 240-bed long term

care home today following yesterday's provincial budget.


 "We were hopeful that this budget would fund the care that residents in our long

term care homes need and deserve," said Klees.  "But, once again, Dalton McGuinty

and his Minister of Health have turned their backs on thousands of seniors and their

care-givers."  Klees was referring to the more than 35,000 residents living in long

term care facilities that are classified as "B" and "C" facilities.  These are homes that,

because of their age and under-funding, are not able to provide the care and services

residents need, or cannot structurally provide the privacy and dignity residents and

their families should be able to expect.


"The Legislature heard compelling evidence from families, health care professionals and

long term care home administrators that what is at stake are the basic needs, the

physical comfort, privacy and dignity of residents, especially the 35,000 residents in

older homes," said Klees.


Klees pointed out that it was clearly demonstrated that there is an immediate need for

an increase in operating funding of $390 million this year and $214 million next year in

order to eliminate the double standard being endured by the residents in older homes.

A further $9.5 million is required for capital renewal. The budget allocated $14 million

or 50 / day per resident.


"This budget leaves a $385 million shortfall in funding for our long term care homes," said Klees. 

"But what is much more important than the shortfall in line items in the budget is the

short-sightedness of this government when it comes to the care and respect for our

seniors who depend on us for their basic needs and to ensure their comfort and dignity."


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