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Press Releases 2007

KLEES: Kathleen Wynne Is " Head of the Class" in McGuinty Liberal "Promise-Breakers Club!"


(QUEEN'S PARK)  Oak Ridges MPP Frank Klees, the PC Education and Citizenship & Immigration Critic today made the following statement in the Legislature:


"Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize the Minister of Education as she takes her rightful place in the renowned McGuinty Li beral "Promise-Breakers Club!"  The Club is open to those who are unable to keep their stated promises to the people of Ontario .  During the last election campaign, Dalton McGuinty said that the hard cap on class sizes was the "single most important plank" in his policy platform.  


Yesterday, in the face of growing class sizes across the province with many classrooms with up to 3 grades per room - the education minister simply abandoned the plank altogether.  Other examples of how the McGuinty Li berals keep their education promises include:

  • Fixing the funding formula by slashing school budgets and raiding special education funding to balance their books;
  • Failing to keep their own deadline on standardized test goals and then moving it into the next decade;
  • Honouring their moratorium on school closures by closing 150 schools;
  • Keeping children safe at schools with increasingly dangerous levels of lack of supervision, as the Ontario Principals Co uncil itself recently noted.  

I could go on, but, rest assured, the education minister has already more than earned her rightful place at the head of the class in the Dalton McGuinty Liberal Promise-Breakers' Club!  On behalf of the Ontario PC Caucus, I convey to the Minister her well-earned designation as the newest member of the Dalton McGuinty Promise-Breakers Club!


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Frank Klees, MPP