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For immediate release                                                                October 31, 2011


Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees Leads All-Party Organ Donor Initiative

Queen's Park:  Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees hosted two world-renowned organ donor fathers at a Queen's Park press conference today, in an effort to raise awareness of organ donation and a “Torch of Life Alert” system for organ and tissue donation for children under 18.

Klees was joined by Liberal MPP Laura Albanese and NDP MPP Rosario Marchese in a show of tri-partisan support for a Resolution that calls on the government to develop the "Torch of Life Alert" system. The Torch of Life Alert would work much the same as the Amber Alert for missing children, only this would be targeted for situations where children are in desperate need of an organ or tissue transplant.

Since tragically loosing their two sons, both fathers have been globally petitioning for increased organ donations. Mr. Khatib, of Palestine, lost his 12 year-old son in 2005 when he was mistakenly shot by an Israeli soldier; his son’s donated organs went to 5 children and one adult living in Israel.  Mr. Green’s 7 year-old son Nicholas was shot and killed in a botched attempted robbery while the family vacationed in Italy.  His organs and corneas were donated to several Italian recipients.

As the epitome of compassion and hope, both fathers will embark on a 10 day, 3 city tour including Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal as a reminder to all Canadians that organ and tissue donations, no matter what the circumstance, save lives. 

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