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News! PC York Region MPPs Introduce Back To Work Legislation to End Transit Strike November 23, 2011

KinnearPhoto from Queen's Park Bureau
by Antonella Artuso/Toronot Sun See article:

Tory MPPs, union boss face off over transit November 10 2011

ATU Local 113 President Bob Kinnear (far right) confronts Tory MPPs Frank Klees (left) after he and Tory colleages Peter Shurman and Julia Munro called for back-to-work legislation to end the York Region transit strike. The MPPs also suggested that legislation banning strikes at the TTC be extended to all transit services in the Greater Toronto Area. (ANTONELLA ARTUSO/Toronto Sun)

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Strike Facts you Should Know :
By David Fleischer November 17 2011
The latest is that there is no latest.
Since walking out Oct. 24, there has only been one meeting between a union and management, when Veolia sat down with ATU 113 last Wednesday, to no avail.
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Government rejects calls for law ending York transit strike November 10, 2011 Rob Ferguson The Star

The Ontario government is rejecting calls from the Progressive Conservatives to bring in back-to-work legislation ending the York Region transit strike making life tough for 70,000 commuters.

“We are not considering or discussing back-to-work legislation in regards to the York Region Transit dispute,” Labour Minister Linda Jeffrey said in a statement Thursday. For full article

York Region updates

Frankly Speaking Article
by Frank Klees MPP
Transit Strike: Union Bosses, Politicians and 44,000 Victims
November 15, 2011


For immediate release                                                              November 10, 2011




York Region PC MPPs want York Region protected from the economic fallout of  transit strikes

(Queen’s Park) Today York Region MPPs Frank Klees (Newmarket-Aurora), Peter Shurman (Thornhill) and Julia Munro (York-Simcoe) demanded that the McGuinty Government enact back to work legislation to end the transit strike in York Region, as its first order of business if the strike has not been resolved when the legislature resumes on November 21, 2011.

“The McGuinty Government has to enact back to work legislation to end this disruption in the lives of York Region residents,” said Klees. “During these difficult times, the personal and economic hardships caused by this disruption of service cannot be allowed to continue.”

Last week Klees, Shurman and Munro issued a joint statement calling on all parties involved in the strike to return to the bargaining table. To date, no serious efforts have been made by the parties to resolve this issue.

“The York Region transit strike is in its third week,” said Munro. “Small businesses and jobs are at risk. That is why today we are calling for decisive action to end the strike and resume transit service in York Region.”

In addition to back to work legislation, York Region MPPs want Bill 150, The Toronto Transit Commission Labour Disputes Resolution Act 2011, extended to include all transit services in the Greater Toronto Area.

“York Region and other communities in the GTA should not be made victims of power plays between unions and service providers,” said Shurman. “Our residents deserve the same protection from the personal and economic hardships caused by transit strikes as those living and working in the City of Toronto.”

The transit strike in York Region began on Monday, October 24th, 2011. York Region is one the fastest growing regions in the province, with a population exceeding 1 million residents.  Between 1991 and 2004, York Region's economy grew 112%, compared with a 56% economic growth in Ontario.


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