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  Uninsured Drivers Targeted by PC Transportation Critic                                                                                                                                                                        


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August 12, 2010  Brampton Guardian

Frank Klees, MPP for Newmarket-Aurora, suggests the government crack down on the number of people driving without insurance and has put forward a resolution asking the government to develop a system to check the status of insurance when plates are renewed. He estimates there are between 400,000 to 800,000 uninsured Ontario drivers.

“Instead of fiddling with coverage, they need to make sure drivers are paying for insurance, and put a system in place that can validate coverage in real time. Too many people are scamming the system.”


OPP Comissioner Julian Fantino

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Uninsured Drivers Targeted by PC Transportation Critic

(Queen’s Park) PC Transportation Critic, Frank Klees, is calling on the McGuinty government to get tough on uninsured drivers.

Klees, a former PC Minister of of Transportation, tabled a resolution in the legislature that calls on the government to implement an information technology system that will allow licensing agencies and front-line police officers to determine  whether an auto insurance policy is valid. According to Klees, the number of uninsured motorists are on the increase, and not only represent an increased safety risk, but are also a factor in the escalating cost of auto insurance and licence renewal fees.

Ontario has more than 8.9 million licensed drivers and the Insurance Bureau of Canada has estimated that over 400,000 motorists in Ontario are driving without insurance, yet the province has yet to implement a solution since Bill 198 was passed six years ago to address the problem. That legislation would allow the Ministry of Transportation and police instant electronic access to insurance industry databases to determine the validity of insurance.

In addition to the personal liability issues, Klees makes the point that “For every driver who chooses not to pay their share of insurance premiums, costs increase for everyone else.” 

According to Klees, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation has no way of confirming whether an auto insurance policy is valid. Even though applications for vehicle registrations and licence plate renewals require a declaration of valid auto insurance, the information provided is never confirmed nor is it retained on file. Similarly, a police officer has no way to validate whether the insurance policy on the auto insurance certificate presented to him is valid.

Klees' resolution, which will be debated in this Thursday’s afternoon session of the legislature, calls on the government to prioritize the implementation of information technology that will allow for auto insurance to be validated in real time by licensing agencies and front line police officers.                                                                                                                                                                               -30-


Frank Klees, MPP

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