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York Region Transit Strike: Update



November 25, 2011

The Private Member’s Bill that would have put an end to the York Region Transit strike and forced an arbitrated settlement was defeated by Liberal and NDP Members of the legislature.

Liberal MPP’s blame York Regional government

Among those who voted against ending the strike were the four York Region MPPs Greg Sorbara (Vaughan), Helena Jaczek (Oak Ridges-Markham), Michael Chan (Markham-Unionville) and Reza Moridi (Richmond Hill).

Highlights of Liberal MPP comments during debate of the bill:

Helena Jaczek, MPP Oak Ridges-Markham, “We on this side of the House –in this party – clearly believe in collective bargaining and negotiations in good faith as being the best way of settling this type of situation.

My office has been in regular communication with the regional chairman, and that individual, of course, has reported to regional council on the situation and the progress of negotiations.  We have no request from regional council to go any further at this point.”

…”I not only respect my constituents, but I respect the duly elected members of regional council. They have not requested that our government move forward. They have not made the type of deputations that the city of Toronto did in the disruption of services from the TTC.”


…”I think that the regional chairman has made it very clear he does not consider the situation as at an impasse.  He wants both sides to get back to the table.”

Reza Moridi, MPP Richmond Hill, “We cannot, Mr. Speaker, for every strike bring a solution in this House and come up with back-to-work legislation. And when it comes to this particular case, York Region, who is somehow the employer, although they are not directly the employer, should come to the House. They should come to the Ontario government and ask for help. They have never done that. In the case of the city of Toronto, the city of Toronto and the mayor of Toronto came to the Ontario government and requested our assistance, for our help, this House’s help. York Region hasn’t done so.”

Greg Sorbara , Vaughan), “This is not a situation, tough as it is for our residents, where we need to bring in legislation, as my friend from Timmins–James Bay says, that makes it an essential service or provides for legislated binding arbitration.”

All 37 PC MPPs voted in support of the back to work legislation.

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