Frank Klees

Press Release

December 15, 2008

        School violence legislation doesn't go far enough: Klees

Article by Teresa Latchford YRNG

                                 New Reporting Requirements Fail Students and Parents


Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees wasted no time denouncing the McGuinty government's new mandatory reporting policy for serious incidents at schools. He calls it an abdication of responsibility on the part of the Minister of Education in the face of evidence that stricter reporting requirements are needed to enhance student safety. 

Klees has been calling on the government to introduce legislation that would make it mandatory for serious student on student violence to be reported to parents and to police. He first raised the issue in response to an incident in which a 6 year-old was assaulted in the washroom of a York Region Catholic School by two 13 year-old students. In that case, the principal failed to report the incident to the police or to the parents. 

" After months of delay, the best the Minister can do is promise to bring in legislation some time in the spring, and even that will only make it mandatory to report serious incidents to the principal," said Klees. “Where has the minister been? It is the parents and the police who need to be informed and if the legislation does not include that requirement, it will do nothing to improve student safety."

“I am hearing of far too many incidents of bullying and violence in our schools, and this is an unacceptable response to an increasing problem," said Klees. “Until we make it a legislated responsibility for serious incidents of violence to be reported, neither students nor parents can be confident that student safety is a priority."

Klees vowed to continue his efforts to convince the government to include mandatory reporting to parents and police in legislation.

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