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January 20, 2010

                                  KLEES, MPP INVITES BUSINESSES TO SHARE THEIR  



Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees is inviting business owners to share their experiences with the impact of regulations and burdensome red tape on their businesses by visiting

 “This website will provide a forum for people to share their experiences and frustrations with the job-killing red-tape that continues to plague small business in this province,” said Klees.

 “One of the most important things the McGuinty government can do to assist small business, is to immediately take steps to reduce the red tape and regulatory burden strangling Ontario employers,” said Klees.

As part of the first ever ‘Red Tape Awareness Week’ the Canadian Federation of Independent Business launched a comprehensive report of “Prosperity Restricted by Red Tape.”  Some of the findings of this report include:

  • Only Manitoba beat Ontario on a measure of whether or not CFIB members felt red tape had increased in their province over the previous 3 years
  • Ontario is responsible for 36% of Canada’s regulatory costs ($10.9 MM out of $30.5 MM)
  • The CFIB’s “Regulatory Accountability Progress Report” gives 3 thumbs down for Ontario for:  no publicly reported measure for red tape,   no current measurement of red tape, and  no permanent (legislated) commitment to report on red tape.


Klees wants to see the re-instatement of a Red Tape Commission that will eliminate the many unnecessary regulations that punish small businesses. 

As an immediate measure, he is proposing a moratorium on new regulations that will negatively impact small business until the Red Tape Commission is in place.

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