Frank Klees

Press Release

For Immediate Release                                                                               October 18, 2010


Photo Card Delay Inexcusable

(Queen’s Park) Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees today called on the Minister of Transportation to "infuse some urgency" into getting a government-issued photo card up and running.

The Photo Card Act was passed in November 2008, but there is still no sign that the government is even close to making it available.

Klees raised the issue in the Legislature, quoting an email from a constituent who complained that when she phoned the Ontario Government information line, they had no information about the card at all and had not heard that it was going to be available.

"People with disabilities especially, welcomed the photo card initiative, but are now wondering about the government's priorities," said Klees.

People who don't drive are often required to present photo identification, and unfortunately Ontario Health Cards are not accepted as proof of identification. The only alternative is a valid passport, and this is not a document people are encouraged to carry around with them for obvious reasons.

"The rationale for a basic photo identification card was supported unanimously by the Legislature," said Klees. "What is disappointing is that the government hasn't followed through on the implementation.”

Klees was assured by Kathleen Wynne, the minister responsible for implementation of the card, that she would look into the matter and would provide details on when the card can be expected to be available.



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