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NOTICE: Public Hearing Dates for Bill 118(Cell Phone) and Bill 126 (Young Drivers)


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December 8, 2008

Transportation Minister Backs Down on Young Drivers Legislation

Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees took some credit today for the McGuinty government's retreat on its controversial young drivers' legislation.

The proposed law would have allowed young drivers only one passenger under the age of 19, a move that evoked strong opposition from young people as well as parents from across the province.

Klees voiced the PC Party's opposition to the proposal during debate on the Bill and last week called on the Minister of Transportation to withdraw that section of the legislation before the House rises for the Christmas recess scheduled for this Thursday.

“Sometimes this place actually works," said Klees following the Minister's announcement today.  “I want to thank the many young people who wrote to me to voice their opposition to this legislation. Their voices were heard and they made a difference. This is an important example of how the legislative process is intended to work and it should encourage young people to get involved in the political process." 

Klees made repeated references to the numerous emails sent to him by students in Newmarket and Aurora during the debate on the proposed legislation.  “Whether it was through emails to me or through Facebook sites set up to get the government’s attention, young people from across the province let the government know what they thought of this legislation," said Klees. "I was impressed by the logical and reasonable arguments put forward by students ranging from high school to university. They made their case and it was heard."




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Hansard Record Dec 4, 2008